Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Earlier today, I took the Videogum mascot out on one of her daily parades through the streets. You know, for morale. While we were out there, we met a couple of very young children. One of them was really interested in whether or not Birdie poops outside. When I said that she did, he said, “Not me, I only poop inside, in the toilet.” Then he said, “My favorite color is light blue. And dark blue. And all the colors. What is her favorite color?” I said blue, and he nodded. I’m telling you this because it’s basically the best thing that has happened today anywhere, and you should always end your week on a high note. That is what mascots are for in the first place!

After the jump, the five Highest Rated Comments, the Lowest Rated Comment, the winner of this week’s Helen Mirren’s husband Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice:

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 nakedpainter | May 7th Score:99

I will be. ZING!


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#4 Jeb | May 11th Score:100

You laugh, but do you see the looks on those girls’ faces? He’s crushing it, 7th grade style. He’s going to hold SOOO much hand, dude.

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#3 lemonne | May 11th Score:111

“Click here to join the facebook group to get Helen Mirren’s wax replica to host Saturday Night Live!”

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#1 Capu Flapu And The Spasmatic Pentagrams | May 7th Score:129

On at least three occasions the lowest voted comment has been by someone who has asked to be the lowest voted comment. Which leads me to wonder whether this will work…

Can I be the highest voted comment this week please?

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Ed. note: Between philplusbert’s comment and this week’s Caption Contest winner, Steve Winwood has become quite the meme around here. Fair enough. Congratulations, Steve Winwood? All of your aggressive, contrarian work paid off. And congratulations to everyone else who made it into the ball for doing so with jokes and meaningful contributions, rather than lazy provocations.

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

nightheat | May 10th Score:-48
whatever man. I’m here, on planet earth, thinking about things that happen… on planet earth, devoid of superhero’s, marty mcfly’s, batmans, and iron mans. go on an epic rant defending comic books as an art form… while 210,000 gallons of oil per day are making their way into the gulf, get batman to work on that, comic-book-faggot.

i’m reading.

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Ed. note: And thus was the Steve Winwood winning-losing streak broken. Nightheat, you have been around for a long time, and I know for a fact that you have left lots of funny and clever comments. But I also know for a fact that when you decide to voice your negative opinions about something on the website, you do so in such an obnoxious way. So this is pretty well-deserved, and it has nothing to do with your dislike of superhero movies, which is a perfectly reasonable, valid, and defensible opinion to have that I don’t think anyone would find too problematic. But, really? Comic-book-faggot? Do better, Nightheat. I know that you can.

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Steve Winwood’s Grandpa | May 11th Score:130

I thought I taught you to use periods at the end of sentences, boy.

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Ed. note: Congratulations, Steve Winwood’s Grandpa. You earned it!

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Ed. note: I realized that no comment from a Friday post has ever been the Editor’s Choice in the Monsters’ Ball. It just isn’t fair, which I’m sure is a proper use of the word “fair.” We do alway seem to get fewer comments on Fridays, maybe because of the weekend, and MAYBE because people know they’re never going to win this INCREDIBLE HONOR. Well, that changes today. Also, did you see that tiger? He is surrounded by pigs! Very cute and very UNEXPECTED combination!