R.I.P. Law & Order

The New York Times is reporting that NBC has officially canceled Law & Order. Awwww. But that show had been on for a long time! Of course, in the same breath, the New York Times confirms that NBC has picked up Law & Order: SVU for another season, and given the greenlight to a brand new spin-off, Law & Order: LA. Those combined with the continuation of Law & Order reruns playing in perpetual syndication everywhere always means that for the most part there is still going to be SO MUCH Law & Order. And yet. That was a good show! It’s intersting! Although, I am not sure that I’ve ever seen a new episode on the night it originally aired. Because if I was watching a new episode of Law & Order on the night it originally aired, I would probably start making lists of life goals and more efficient ways to prioritize my time, and if I had done that I probably wouldn’t be here with you goons.

Goodbye, Law & Order. You will be missed. You are in heaven now, SUSTAINing the angels.

Perhaps the thing I will miss about you most are John Mulaney’s jokes about you:

R.I.P. John Mulaney’s Law & Order jokes. (Just kidding, those will never die.)

Also, if you feel like it, I highly recommend listening to this interview with the show’s creator, Dick Wolf (DICK WOLF!), from a 2005 episode of NPR’s Fresh Air. It is an interesting interview!