Thursday Night TV Open Thread

In the spirit of Community’s weekly, unnecessary moral backed by cheap, swelling music, I would like to apologize to Community for the vague and misinformed criticisms I levied against it last week. Last week’s action-movie paintball episode was the pie. Not only that, but they seem to have actually resolved the vague and misinformed things I was criticizing. Last week’s episode basically ended (I hope) the blah Jeff-Britta conundrum, and they haven’t done any unnecessary morals backed by cheap, swelling music in weeks. Piggybacking on last week’s success, this week’s Good Will Hunting stuff was LOL, and I look forward to next season’s Anthropology Study Group. Even without seeing the season finale, I would give season 1 of Community a solid B+, which becomes an A- when we grade it on the scale (thank The Office).

Thus concludes the simplistic, rushed, reductive, and boring thoughts of some dude on the Internet about a successful sitcom on a major network watched by millions of people. Oh, and last night’s 30 Rock was good but Parks and Recreation won for Chris Pratt (always) and for introducing Rob Lowe. Hi, Adam Scott! The end.