Everything In This Easy A Trailer Is A Lie

Easy A trailer, you guys:

Sure, the sexy high school comedic romp is a classic stand-by, and every generation has theirs. But this? This is just a bunch of lies. Here are some:

  • Cam Gigandet is not in high school, because Cam Gigandet is 55 years old.
  • Same for Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. High School? They probably pay mortgages on homes that they own themselves!
  • Also, Emma Stone is not and has never been a nerd. Sorry! I know how hard it must be to not be able to hide the fact that you are attractive and people are attracted to you!
  • Having fake sex with a gay nerd at a shitty party would not make you cool. It would make you sad.
  • Having fake sex with a bunch of gay nerds wouldn’t make you even more cool. It would make you the saddest.
  • Besides, no homo, but I don’t think gay high schoolers in California need to have fake straight sex to be cool anymore. They are too busy being openly gay in a community that is totally fine with it, and working on their F.I.T. application portfolios or whatever.
  • No one would think that Scarlet Letter shit was clever or funny.
  • Because no one would ever see it. Because that would never happen. And it’s not ironic that you were studying the book. You are in high school and that is a famous book. That’s not what irony means. Are we seriously still struggling with that word?
  • Kids who are in high school in 2010 don’t make Judy Blume references.
  • This wasn’t in the trailer, but since this is a movie about high school it bears repeating: vampires are not real.

It’s just disappointing because if there is one thing that the sexy high school comedic romp genre has always prided itself on, it’s honesty and believability.