The Adjustment Bureau Looks Adjustment BORINGEAU! (Sorry)

The Adjustment Bureau trailer, you guys:

OK, so this is basically The Forgotten meets The Inception trailer meets viral marketing during a basketball game for an episode of Fringe. Honestly, if a group of dudes in Mad Men costumes took me to an abandoned warehouse, showed me a crazy book with my “plan” in it, demonstrated their telekinesis, and then insisted that I stop trying to hang out with some girl I had just MET ON THE BUS that morning for the sake of both our lives, I would totally stop SEXTING her. I mean, seriously, I love free will as much as the next guy, but THERE ARE OTHER FISH IN THE BUS as they say. I’m certainly not going to disrupt an entire library over it. People might be studying for an exam!

But that’s just me. We can’t all be Mr. Cool Hat.