Sarantos Acting School Introduces Us To The Stars Of Tomorrow

Hollywood is a tough city. Every year, busloads of fresh new faces unload their hopeful charges. Everyone’s got a twinkle in their eye, a dream in their pocket, and knows all the angles. So if you really want to make it, you’ve got to have the chops! At the Sarantos Acting School, you will learn the skills and technique to make YOU a REAL HOLLYWOOOD CELEBRITY. The best part is that once you are a Trained Good Actor, the Sarantos Acting School will upload your audition tape to YouTube. Trust me, this is great news for any young or middle-aged or elderly actor, because all of the biggest casting agents in Hollywood spend most of their time on YouTube just hoping that they are going to discover the next Jake Busey. Get ready to kiss success on the mouth!

Ladies and Germs, the Sarantos Acting School introduces the big stars of tomorrow!

Richard Forkin

Irene Hoch

Heather Hughes

John Oakley

Merilyn Hughes

Carla Shaw

Linda Wisniewski

Ken Vandelo

“Oh good. Now we know who is going to be in all of our new movies and TVs. Thanks, Dr. Sarantos.” — Entertainment

Good work, everyone. Very make believe. (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)