Teachers Are Still Charming And Ridiculous Dorks

You remember in school how your teachers didn’t seem to understand ANYTHING that was really going on in the world? And how, much like PARENTS (Yuck! Booooo!), they would insist on corny antics and hammy jokes to try and get your attention and respect? As if the way into a child’s heart is via self-imposed humiliation? Well, it is now 2010, and adults live in a world of iPods, and The Wire on DVD, and “rated M for Mature” video games, and $300 bottles of whiskey. Surely teachers, who are adults, have joined the rest of us in this rareified world of mature pleasures, and have finally realized that children just want what we all want: to be treated with dignity. Surely teachers, the thoughtful and educated gatekeepers to our childrens’ intellectual future aren’t making silly lip-synch videos to pop songs that haven’t been popular in 20 years and posting them on YouTube in some kind of misguided attempt to prove they are “getting jiggy with you.”

Oh, teachers. Still just a bunch of corny, charming, ridiculous, lovable dorkballs who don’t know anything. GIVE US YOUR WHISKEY MONEY, DORKS! (Thanks for the tip, Becca.)