That’s Your Yo-Yo Master: Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser

In the past couple of weeks, a young man named Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser (and also sometimes Karl “K-Strass” Strassburg) has been making appearances on local news morning talk shows in the midwest, and particularly in Wisconsin, to demonstrate the skills that have made him an “Award-Winning Yo-Yo Master.” Sure. He has been divorced twice, doesn’t have a girlfriend and doesn’t WANT a girlfriend, his parents recently got divorced, he doesn’t get along with his brother because of her wife, and he is having some trouble getting into schools lately which makes it harder for him to do the important work of inspiring children and saving the world through his company, ZimZam Yo-Yo, the world’s first “green” toymaker. Set your alarm clock for this interview!

Oh, and also he is a liar. Because it is a prank, ZimZam Yo-Yo doesn’t exist, and K-Strass clearly does not have any skills (still not sure if the ex-wives are real).

Oh, and also he is basically the best. After the jump, two videos of K-Strass in action:

Here he is on WSAW’s “Sunrise 7″ show in Wausau:

And here he is on Channel 12:

Haha. Well done. Although, if it turns out that K-Strass is selling something, I am going to be very disappointed. But I will also probably buy it? Who am I kidding, I will definitely buy it. (Thanks for the tip, Jim.)