Dan Aykroyd Believes Aliens Are Real, They Hate 9/11, And They Should Go To Jail

Uh, Internet? You’re messing up. Your job is to find the stupid things that people say and do on a daily basis, and spread them around the world at the speed of farts so that bored people in their offices have something to do instead of their work. So please explain to me how it has been almost TWO WEEKS since Larry King did an ENTIRE EPISODE about whether or not ALIENS ARE REAL and if THEY ARE GOING TO VISIT THE EARTH, an episode including a lengthy interview with DAN AYKROYD, yes, DAN AYKROYD, proprietor of CRYSTAL SKULL VODKA INC., who claimed that aliens were real but that they weren’t going to visit Earth because of SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001, and also that they were “breaking the law” and should BE ARRESTED, to which Larry King, another grown adult human being, responded, “how do we arrest them?” and this is the FIRST I AM HEARING ABOUT IT? Helllloooo? Bueller? McFly? Anyone?

Evidence of this very real, very overlooked, very amazing thing that I basically just ruined by describing it in full after the jump:

Read the sign, Internet. If you have time to lean, you have time to PAY ATTENTION. (Thanks for the tip, Adam.)