Duh Aficionado Magazine: Andy Rooney Is So Old

Goodbye, Betty White. Hello, Andy Rooney! In this week’s episode of 60 Minutes, Andy reminded us, as if we needed reminding, that he is so, SO old, with an essay about how he doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is:

Oh, Andy Rooney. The thing that separates you from the “average” American isn’t not knowing who Justin Bieber is, it’s being 340 years old! Turns out that is not the average age! I also love how he tries to take us all down Thoughtful Lane with his expose on how people of all ages love ice cream, and how that is why people of all ages should like the same music (ragtime), but then goes on to say that he considers himself to be someone who doesn’t like music? WAY TO BURY THE LEDE, ANDY ROONEY. If you’re going to talk about how you don’t know who or what anything is, maybe START with the fact that you don’t care about it. THEN get into how you are the oldest living creature on the planet (in your face, giant sea turtles!). (Via GotchaMedia.)