Saturday Night Live: Good Job, Betty White! Goodbye, Betty White!

So, that was a great episode of Saturday Night Live. The show’s host, an American actress named Betty White, was sharp and spry for an 88-and-a-half-year-old woman. She was also very game, willing, it seemed, to do almost anything to get a laugh, especially if “anything” meant “making fun of her vagina and the vaginas of the Saturday Night Live castmates.” Tons of vagina jokes, you guys. Moreover, the guest appearances of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Anna Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon, and Maya Rudolph made for a star-studded, nostalgia tinged, female-powered show, filled with today’s hottest sitcom stars, and also Anna Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon, and Maya Rudolph. (Just kidding Anna Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Molly Shannon, and Maya Rudolph. You’re the best!) Between this and the Charles Barkley episode, it is now clear that Saturday Night Live should ONLY be hosted by people well passed their prime!

After the jump, some of the evening’s oldest WHOOPS I MEAN BEST sketches:

The show opened with the always delightful Lawrence Welk Show sketch

Delightful, I tell you!

For those who expected Betty White to do lots of pre-taped sketches (I am not one of those people, incidentally, I had NO expectations going into this week’s episode), what followed was a pretty standard episode of live sketches, with the non-standard exception being that pretty much every single one of them featured a 99-year-old woman wearing a different costume each time. She really did it.

My personal favorite sketch(es) of the evening was probably MacGruber (in theaters May 21):

While we’re on the subject of sketches that cater to a younger, Internet-y audience, this week’s Digital Short was pandering, but the thing about stuff that is pandering is that it does kind of have a bead on what you want. So it worked, obvs. But it doesn’t seem to be on-line (yet), maybe due to licensing issues with the Golden Girls theme song? Or perhaps there is some kind of anti-ski mask Internet Law I don’t know about.

Then the Betty White Old Lady Sexual Innuendo Block stretched from the return of Delicious Dish through the entire episode, but the best of those sketches was the original Gingey sketch:

Hi, Sally O’Malley!

I always enjoy the recurring “Scared Straight” sketch if for no other reason than Bill Hader can never make it through without breaking character:

And Betty White and Tina Fey teamed up for a passable incarnation of Christopher Walken’s census sketch:

Although, it is not even close to as good as the original, which you can watch here.

Due to the over-abundance of talent on the episode, numerous “lost” sketches from the dress rehearsal have been put on-line for our pleasure. Now you can see the Debbie Downer sketch that never was:

The return of Bronx Beat:

And most importantly, Molly Shannon’s Joyologist!

There is also a “web exclusive” C-Span sketch that I am guessing was a potential cold open, but more like a potential cold SNOOZEPEN, right? You can watch it here if you want, but you don’t want.

Oh, and Jay-Z performed, but what was THAT all about? I mean, dude is a living legend, and the best rapper alive until Lil Wayne gets out of jail, but a 10-minute medley of his favorite songs that seems like he’s performing at a Billy Crystal-hosted Academy Awards? Relax, Mr. Hova.

But the very best part of the episode is that we are now done with the Betty White thing, right? The Internet will return to its damp, fetid cave and wait for the next ironic, absurdist fan fetish with a hint of nostalgia to grab in its lazy talons with the most dubious and self-satisfied of intentions. Good job, Betty White! Goodbye!