We Should Buy More Land Rovers, You Guys

Land Rovers are a morally reprehensible vehicle. They’re bigger than anyone needs, they require an extraordinarily obscene percentage of the world’s limited natural resources for an individual’s transportation needs, and people’s concept of what they require for their safety is wildly overstated. There is certainly a safety standard one can expect from a modern automobile, but, I mean, a car crash at 80 miles is a car crash at 80 miles an hour. Goodnight, nurse. That being said, THIS AD MADE ME LAUGH. So I’m definitely going to buy one of these stupid cars for sure. I hate talking to crazy people, too! I’m going to become a boss in some shitty office and hire a weirdo just so I can make him come down to the parking garage with me and speak truth to crazy from the safety of my new Land Rover! Well, it’s going to take me some time to climb the corporate ladder, probably. But I will speak truth to crazy from my 3-5 year-old Land Rover! (Via AdFreak.)