Tila Tequila Is The New Sugar Slam

Tila Tequila has started a new celebrity gossip blog. Which makes sense, because as she points out in this video, she has been in this industry 10 years now (whatever “this industry” means). It sounds really neat and interesting!

“It is amazing how you only need one take to get this perfect. We definitely shouldn’t reshoot anything.”
–The Director of This Video

“Doctor, someone has taken all of the Visible Illiteracy Pills!”
–A Nurse on the Set of This Video

Tila Tequila is definitely the new Sugar Slam. Other things Tila Tequila is:

  • Your girlfriend
  • CGI
  • Functionally retarded

Good list! Definitely worth a jump. (Blog talk for the blog heads. Blogs blogs blogs. Hi, Tila! I can’t wait to share links with you!) I have definitely bookmarked this wonderful new site (no, I haven’t) because I can’t wait to hear what a delusional beast made from 80% recycled plastic has to say about Nick Lachey! (Yes, I can. I can wait forever.)