Stay Safe Out There, You Guys: Part Two

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears and will always bear repeating: it’s a dangerous world out there. In the event that you are ever attacked by a slow-moving man with no reflexes wearing an oversized motorcycle helmet for his own protection, you need to know what to do.

Remember: both men and women should watch this video individually, and take their self defense strategies into their own hands. As we can see from the first live reenactment of a barroom attack scenario, if you are talking to some dude at the bar and a slow-moving man with no reflexes wearing an over-sized motorcycle helmet for his own protection walks up and “attacks” the two of you, most likely the dude you were just talking to is going to box his ears, knee his groin, slam his motorcycle helmet into a support beam, and then run out of there as quickly as he can without making sure that you are OK or saying even a single word to you whatsoever. It’s the most efficient way for him to remain SAFE. But, of course, you know that, because you, too, are PREPARED.