Teen Korner: Justin Bieber Acts Dumb To Remind Us All To Stay In School

Bling Bling!

Yo dogs. Today I want to rap at all of you about something that is pretty dope: staying in school. “Oh man, we already heard all that jive, cat. Don’t be a squresville.” That’s what you’re probably saying. But you are the squaresville if that’s what you think, I promise you that, broheim. Sure, maybe your friend who does cigarettes thinks that staying in school is for nerd dweebs, but he’s going to have another thing coming when he is pumping the gas into your luxury car that you got from the money you made by being a graduate of school!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out this clip of Justin Bieber being interviewed on a New Zealand talk show where he reminds everyone to stay in school by example:

Admittedly, Justin Bieber is incredibly successful and has already made more money by the age of 230 than most people will ever make, regardless of their diplomas. But I appreciate the work he is doing for the Scared Smart program to get kids off the streets (where they are busking) and back in school. You might not think that it is important to know what Germany is now, but I promise you that it will be very important some day. Probably.

And that’s fresh. (Via Vulture.)