The Birdie Report: Hi, Birdie!

Everything about being a mascot owner is new to me. You have to feed them, right? And is it bad if their heads fall off? Or is it OK if their heads fall off? SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME! Another thing that I clearly haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet is making cute animal videos. Admittedly, I am getting some expert help from Birdie herself, who is really putting in the work of being stupid cute. I would definitely say that she is doing all of the heavy lifting at this point. Eventually, if we want to make the big leagues, we will probably have to figure out a way to actually capture what it is about her that is fun and unique, rather than just videotaping her doing whatever the hell she is doing most of the time (What are you doing? Why are you doing that? What is that? Why is it in your mouth?), but for now, let’s just enjoy these cobbled together scenes of a professionally cute mascot doing the work of cheering us all up/on:

You’re doing great, Birdie! Keep it up! (Please don’t die!)