Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night’s episode of The Office really demonstrated the highs and lows that the show is capable of. What a roller coaster ride! The minority executive training program stuff with Kelly and Dwight and Darryl was super funny and grounded in the awkward reality of actual work experience, which is one of the main reasons that this show became popular in the first place. Who hasn’t had an awkward experience in an office, RIGHT YOU GUYS?! But on the other hand, there was all the stuff about Michael flirting with the bar manager, and it’s just like, well, no. I mean, no. Michael is a dufus with zero self-awareness, but now he’s a face-rapist? Who calls women he doesn’t know prostitutes? In the middle of the day? At work? That’s just not a thing that would happen in a place of business (that was still being filmed for a documentary, 178 years later) even with the biggest coconut for a boss. “But Gabe, it’s not an actual documentary. It’s a comedy show, so things are exaggerated for laughs.” Exaggerate THIS.

And also the other shows!