This Is Your Workout Routine: Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s “Intimate Gymnastics”

“I wanted to get fit, but gyms are too expensive, and besides, who has the time? No, I needed a workout program that I could do at home on my own time, and I wanted one that would be tailor-made to my fitness needs. Admittedly, I had some pretty specific requirements. For one thing, I wanted to get healthy and strong in my genitals for some reason. And I wanted my fitness tips to be delivered by a woman who sounds like a robot. But most importantly, I needed a workout routine that I could do while wearing my one-piece, shoulderless golden bodysuit. So, naturally, my quest for the perfect workout routine took a little longer than your average Tae-Bo practitioner or Slam Man owner, but when I found Tatyana Kozhevnikova’s “Intimate Gymnastics” program, I knew the wait had been worth it. My vagina is so powerful now!”

What is wrong with this woman and what is wrong with you?