Well, The Jonah Hex Trailer Is Dumb

Jonah Hex trailer, you guys:

Working title: Van Helsing 2: Deadwood.

I will still probably see this, no duh, and almost everyone in the cast is either very talented or very Megan Fox, but what is with the pounding Terminator 6 music? I know that it’s not really a movie about the Old West, but it’s kind of a movie about the Old West. I just don’t understand why Mr. Trailer thinks a movie can’t be made to look exciting unless it appeals to 14-year-old Mountain Dew enthusiasts. Also, you could probably cut the explosions-montage at the end of this trailer in half. We get it, Jonah Hex trailer. Explosions! Got it! Sorry to get all Professor Movie Trailers on you, Jonah Hex trailer, but you kind of stink. See me after class!