We Live In A World More Vast And Complex Than We Could Ever Even Conceptualize! (Or: Welcome To Bong Town!)

If you’ll allow me to get for a moment, I am confronted on a nearly daily basis by something that reminds me that the world is so vast and filled with so many people as to be completely impossible to even imagine. That’s not a particularly complicated or impressive thought, but I can’t be alone in this experience. (Hello?) (Is anyone in this experience?) (HELLO?) For example, yesterday I was reading a blog post on a science fiction website (no nerdo) comparing the amount of oil the world uses on a daily basis to a waterfall, which pointed out that humans use 40,000 gallons of oil EVERY SECOND. Uh, what? That is a crazy number! That is just a MEANINGLESS number. You can’t even wrap your mind around that! (Discussion is getting pretty heated in this dormitory cafeteria!) The only person who can wrap his mind around that is Dr. Xavier, and even he needs a special planetarium or whatever.

Today’s reminder comes in the form of an interesting time-lapse video showing the airspace over Europe as the Great Volcano-Related Airplane Cancellation Catastrophe of 2010 came to a close:

Neat! But also jeez! I mean, I know that millions of people fly every single day, but that is another meaningless number, and just to see each of those little tracer lines representing the lives of hundreds of people, traversing the Earth to do God knows what. It really makes you wonder.

Jesus, HOW HIGH AM I RIGHT NOW? Do you ever wonder if our dream life is the actual reality and that our waking life is just OH MY GOD ARE THOSE SUN CHIPS? (Via TheDailyWhat.)