Duh Aficionado Magazine: Tim James, Nominee For Governor Of Alabama, Is An Asshole

Oof. It’s one (racist) thing to make speaking English a campaign platform, but to make it your only (racist) campaign platform? How about expanding your campaign to include other concerns of people. For example, people who are concerned that you only have one hallway in your house, and you are trapped in it. Will someone please help Tim James? He is pacing back and forth in the same hallway and I am really worried about him! That being said, I do love the argument of “maybe it’s the businessman in me, but it would save money.” HAHAHA. It must be the businessman in him, because it is certainly not the developingstructurednonreductiveargumentsbasedonfactsman in him. He should definitely rest his case. Rest your case, Tim James! You asshole! (Thanks for the tip, Jana.)