Who Wouldn’t Want To Put Something Named After A Mickey Rourke Villain In Their Mouths? (Sorry)

Are you guys excited for Iron Man 2? Do you want to EAT Iron Man 2? From IESB (via Vulture):

Burger King Corporation catapults customers into the thrilling world of “Iron Man 2,” opening in theaters everywhere May 7, with an action-packed national promotion featuring the WHIPLASH WHOPPER(R) sandwich. This limited-time addition to the BK(R) menu captures the sharp edge of the film’s villain, Whiplash, with an intense, red-hot flavor combination featuring a flame-broiled WHOPPER(R) sandwich topped with melted Pepper Jack cheese, crispy red peppers and spicy mayonnaise.

Haha. WE ARE BEING CATAPAULTED INTO THE THRILLING WORLD OF IRON MAN 2 BY EATING A HAMBURGER. If I remember Iron Man 1, it was about the thrilling world of a deeply flawed superhero, but apparently the new movie is about the thrilling world of novelty hamburgers. BOY-OY-OING! (that was the sound of the hamburger catapault catapaulting you). To be fair, when I watched the trailer, I definitely was thinking “spicy mayonnaise” most of the time, so it does make sense.

What a ridiculous, kind of gross tie-in! Also, Iron Man 2 is going to make a gabillion dollars, right? Like, no matter what? What I’m asking is, are there any people who are on the fence about the whole Iron Man 2 thing but are going to definitely be more interested once they taste a delicious Mickey Rourke villain burger? “Is the burger spicy in a way that reflects the character’s cruelty? Well, if he is as mean as this burger is delicious then I will THINK about seeing this movie.” I guess maybe this guy:

“I’ll check my schedule.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor is putting together a city hall task force to look into the health hazards of villain-themed movie-tie in hamburgers:

“I want that report on my desk by FRIES O’CLOCK!”

And we end with a joke about how now Mickey Rourke really is just a broke down piece of meat.