Saturday Night Live: Let’s Not And Gabourey We Sidibed (Uh, what?)

Oh jeez. Oh boy. OK. Well, on the one hand, Gabourey Sidibe is not known for being funny, and so there were very few expectations forced upon her in the run-up to this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Just as when a professional athlete hosts the show and one anticipates a lot of fumbled lines and fouled dialog as the cast scrambles to carry the show to the finish line (get it? Sports stuff!), a “serious” actor is just supposed to get through their scenes as best/seriously as they can and let the comedians do the heavy-laugh-lifting. Gabourey Sidibe is considered an actor, right? She was nominated for awards for acting, right? Or was she nominated for awards in not being able to get through a single line of dialog without stumbling over words and then cracking up? Because if those were the type of awards she was nominated for, then this Saturday she would have WON ALL OF THEM.

I haven’t seen Precious, and I am sure there is SOME KIND OF REASON for the praise surrounding Gabourey’s performance in that movie, but her performance this weekend was some ruffff stuff. Like, there is not a single moment of the show that she made enjoyable or better. If anything, there were some perfectly decent sketches that were plugging along nicely and then had all the wind taken out of their sails when Gabourey joined in. Again, she isn’t expected to be “funny” because she was in a movie about “frowning” (right?) but sheesh! Although, we should have known, because she was even terrible in the the promos for this weekend’s episode. Even the promos!

Oh well.

Anyway, the best sketch of the night was the Danish theater company’s performance of The Story of Frank Sinatra:

It would have been even better without Gabourey! No offense! But it was still funny.

I also enjoyed this Who Wants to Be a Millionaire sketch, mostly because I enjoyed Keenan’s impersonation of Steve Harvey.

But again, AGAIN, Gabourey comes in and just stomps out the fun. Aw, we were having so much fun!

The Digital Shorts have been getting a little weird lately, and this week’s was the weirdest, but I have to admit that the singing SPOILER ALERT did get me, and it turns out that Gabourey is a much better actress when she is in a pre-taped segment with no dialog that features her spitting out cherries in slow-motion. OSCAR BAIT!

And I am posting the second incarnation of the Hamilton sketch, although I didn’t really like it, and it was way funnier when Drew Barrymore did it (which is a sentence I never thought I would type about anything Drew Barrymore ever did) but it is such a strange and risky (risky!) and funny character that I am just posting it so that they hopefully bring it back (hopefully on a show where it is not Gabourey Sidibe hosting).

But the very best moment of the whole night was John Mulaney on Weekend Update. What a hero!

What a bright spot! Dear Saturday Night Live, more of that, thanks. Love, people who like good things.

Otherwise the night was just a flop. Even MGMT was basically unwatchable. Or maybe just “MGMT was unwatchable.” The “even” may be unnecessary depending on what your initial stance on MGMT is/was.


The thing about hiring unprofessional actors for major motion pictures is that you can get very surprising performances since unprofessional actors don’t have the baggage of their training, or methods, or career frustrations, or whatever. And with a good director, a talented cinematographer, and a clever editor, you can make people look very SERIOUS. The same is not true for live televised comedy, it turns out. If anything, I think this weekend proved that comedy in general is indeed harder than drama. At least, that is what I like to tell myself, when I see websites like and seriousentertainmentnewswithnojokes.blogs getting all the hits.