Thursday Night TV Open Thread

The shows are back! What was that hiatus all about anyway? Were there group travel discounts to Cabo? SPRIIIIING BREAAAAAK! (Fun Fact: spring break jokes, which involve just shouting SPRIIIIIING BREAAAAAAK, are valid from February 1st to June 30th.) Anyway, I haven’t watched all the shows yet, because sometimes in life there are other things to do besides just watch TV shows (I am only kidding, obviously, and yet), but I have watched the double header of 30 Rock. Two episodes! Great work, everyone! I’m actually not sure which one I liked better, because they were both really solid. Even though some of the men vs. women, black vs. white stuff was a little broad, it was still probably the smartest and funniest attempt anyone on a prime time sitcom has made in awhile to address actual persistent social issues like race and gender equality but without giving up the lafffffs. Of course, the Khonani b-plot in the second episode, in which two janitors play out this winter’s late night wars, was fun and winky, although the fact that it ended with a joke about how Conan would just be going to FOX anyway kind of took the wind out of the whole thing. I mean, they did the best they could! It was still very timely! But also Conan isn’t going to FOX, he’s going to TBS. It will be great (right?) but at the same time, 30 Rock’s joke about FOX actually made the TBS thing suddenly feel really lame? It was a lose-lose joke. The most important thing, of course, though, is how much I don’t feel like talking about that situation anymore at all. Good luck millionaire TV celebrities! Good luck janitors!

The shows are back!