Every Home Improvement Wipe From Season 3, Obviously

We now live in a world where information is free, easily available, and exhaustive in a way that is unlike anything in human experience. This change happened only very recently, and yet its effects were immediate and widespread. And this transformation of our relationship to information will only continue, to the point where an expectation for immediate access to complete world knowledge from any geographic location imaginable will be considered an inalienable human right. At a certain point in the not too distant future, what will be weird is the idea of a world in which there WASN’T a video compiling every digital screen-wipe from season 3 of Home Improvement set to a Wavves song at our fingertips.

Your futuregrandkids out on the hover-porch will look out over the waterworld of our destroyed planet and wonder when you will shut up already about how when you were a kid we didn’t all have microchips behind our eyes playing this video in a neverending loop. And then, to their delight, a robot slave will call you all into a dinner of one ration of beans (there’s a war with the computers going on, you know) and no one will have to listen to your stupid story anymore. (Thanks for the tip, Ninian.)