Operation Watch This: UK Edition: Penelope Princess Of Pets

Those of you who subscribe to Comedy Nerd Fancy magazine may remember the now-defunct website, SuperDeluxe, of the late ’00s. It was put together by Turner Broadcasting and the people at Adult Swim, and the idea was to produce and promote comedy web-series with an eye towards developing content that might eventually become Real Live TV Shows. NnnnnNNNNnnnn….it’s exciting! Actually, SuperDeluxe was a really funny site and I am sorry that it is in website heaven now, eating dinner with and, or whatever. They had really funny and weird videos from so many talented people, including Eugene Mirman, and Chelsea Peretti, and Bob Odenkirk. Bye guys! R.I.P. to all those talented people who died.

But perhaps the experiment was not a total bust, because one of the site’s series has been picked up and turned into a TV show, and the best part is that it stars two of Videogum’s (read: my’s) favorite people: Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler (and also Julian Barratt of the Mighty Boosh). Yay! The show-nee-series is called Penelope Princess of Pets, and there is a trailer for it after the jump:


Now that you’ve heard the best part, though, it is time for the worst part: the show got picked up in England.

This is the second time in a calendar year that England has stolen our beloved comedians for their televisions! Of course, in England, they call comedians “lorries,” and they call televisions “lorries.” Stupid England. Naughty England!

But hey, it’s Y2k10. We no longer have to pack ourselves into steamer trunks and ship ourselves out to sea for a two month steerage voyage in order to check out new TV shows starring Brooklyn-based comedians airing late at night in Stoke-on-Trent. Not anymore!

“I wish I lived with you guys!”
-Paul Revere

If you DO live in the UK, you should definitely check out this show when It airs in on April 21 at 11pm on C4, whatever THAT is. As for the rest of us, we will continue to rally our militias in the fight against the imperial forces of the Queen’s empire. Give me LOLberty or give me death! These guys know what I’m talking about:

Together we laugh, divided we work at the mall.