Check Out Charlie Sheen, Or As I Like To Call Him, Mr. Cool Disguise

First, an apology. This is not a celebrity gossip blog. Oh, sure, we cover the occasional White Slavery Scandal, and if Hugh Jackman urinates while wearing his pants in the name of ART, you will hear it here first, or at the very least, you will hear it here eventually. I know that lately there has been a little more coverage of the over-paid personalities who make up the horrorscape of modern entertainment culture, because they have been doing funny stuff. But we are still not in the habit of posting photographs of Ellen Pompeo making a mid-afternoon Starbucks run, because we believe that those photographs hurt our SOULS, and we are certainly not in the habit of posting In Touch Weekly magazine covers, because COME ON FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. This is a fun place to watch videos and talk about last night’s episode of Guy Fieri’s Whose Fart Is That?, not some GROCERY STORE CHECK OUT LANE.

That being said, LOOK AT CHARLIE SHEEN’S AWESOME DISGUISE! What a good disguise. I love his disguise so much. It’s literally the only thing that Charlie Sheen has done in the past 17 years that I have enjoyed. Well, no, that’s not true. It is the second thing he has done that I have enjoyed, because I REALLY enjoyed this. But seriously, the highest paid actor on television, when faced with how to disguise his appearance, because that was a thing he DEFINITELY needed to do, asked a child to go down to the costume shop and spend two weeks allowance on the cheapest fake mustache he could find. I’m surprised he didn’t sit on Emilio Estevez’s shoulders under a giant trenchcoat. (Classic!) “One adult for sex, please.” Amazing. No wonder America loves this guy. I get it now. Two and a half THUMBS UP! (Magazine cover via celebrity gossip blog: HuffingtonPost. Click through to enlarge.)