Being Gay White Is Hard: The Kids Are All Right

It’s gay life, jump into gay life. The Kids Are All Right trailer, you guys:

No homo, but this looks pretty good! It’s like Noah Baumbach without all the boring stuff to prove. (We get it, Noah Baumbach, private school was annoying.) And it has Mark Ruffalo in it. You love Mark Ruffalo! And I think this goes without saying, but it’s about time we showed upper-middle-class white people struggling with the difficulties of being so upper-middle-class and so white.

Just kidding about that last part. I feel like there are two kinds of movies these days: movies about upper-middle-class white people going through a moment of transition in their seemingly perfect lives, and Iron Man 2 (which is about a super-rich white person going through a moment of transition in his seemingly awesome life). It’s fine for me, because as a lower-to-middle-middle-class white person myself, I LOVE relating to stuff. Relating to stuff is one of our favorite things to do. “I really relate to that” you will hear us all say all the time. “No, but see, they’re gay.” Doesn’t matter, I CAN RELATE TO ANYTHING WITH A MORE THAN MODEST INCOME AND WHITE SKIN THAT ENJOYS DRINKING WINE ON PATIOS.

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: the threesome scene at the end of this movie is HILARIOUS.