Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey <3’s Justin Bieber 4evar

Personally, I was a bit skeptical going into this week’s episode. I mean, yes, OK, we all love Tina Fey, I know that now. Thank you, Oprah! She is very funny AND she’s a woman! But, it was hard to know what to expect. Obviously, she would do a Sarah Palin impersonation, but beyond that who knew. Although she was head writer before handing the reins over to Seth Meyers, it isn’t like she left Saturday Night Live with a wealth of beloved recurring characters. Her airtime, similar to Seth’s now, was limited to being a Weekend Update anchor. And Liz Lemon is mostly a (very) exaggerated version of herself. I just didn’t know what to expect LOL. Which might be why I enjoyed this episode so much. I’m not sure what I would have thought if I had gone into it wanting to see Comedy History, but as a late-season Saturday Night Live episode, this one can be proud to enter syndication on Comedy Central or E!

First of all, though, let’s just get the Sarah Palin impersonation out of the way.

OK, that is out of the way now. Don’t get me wrong, it was fine. And they used a conceit that was way more complicated than they had to, which is nice. But it almost felt like homework. And so we plow ahead:

Tina carried the torch of her “Single Lady in a Modern World” brand of baby-hungry comedy forward with Duncan Hines’ Brownie Husband:

Women be snackin’!

Another thing I will say for Tina Fey, similar to when Zach Galifianakis hosted, is that this show is so much better when the host actually has a sense of humor and knows what the hell they are doing. Like, there were some sketches that fell flatter than others but they were still better than the best Jude Law sketch. I am thinking of the Masters sketch and the Lolene sketch.

Probably the best sketch of the evening was the school dance sketch:

Although, for personal reasons, I enjoyed Ruff, Rugged, and Roker even more:

Nailed him.

Cutest moment of the evening goes to the winking shout-out that Justin Bieber gave Tina Fey at the end of his second musical performance. Very cute. Have fun in jail, Tina Fey!

But before she is imprisoned for inappropriate child love, one last tour of her old Weekend Update desk:

Time’s up! OK, Warden, she is all yours. Just let the guards know that she is the one with fudge all over her face.