A Preview Of Tonight’s Videogum Birthday Party

A lot of people are wondering what tonight’s Videogum 2nd Birthday Party at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl will be like. I mean, there are some things that we already know. The party will start at 7PM. There will be margarita drink specials. There will be snacks. There will be friendship. People can even go bowling if they want to. Later in the evening, Questlove from The Roots will be DJ’ing. But these are just facts and figures, which sound so dry on paper. “Yes,” people are saying, “we have heard the facts and figures that sound so dry on paper. We know all of that. But what will it actually BE like. What can we expect to experience as human beings interacting with each other in the real world?!” GOOD QUESTION, VERY CRITICAL. But it is hard to explain to you in words. Much like Charles Widmore trying to make Jin understand the importance of his electro-magnetic experiments on Desmond Hume, it would be much easier to SHOW YOU:

But with even more white people. (Thanks for the tip, Charles.)