Lil Bow Wow’s New Movie Looks Like A Real Winner

Lottery Ticket trailer, you guys:

No offense to Lil Bow Wow, but I like Gbenga Akinnagbe better? And I hope he seals Lil Bow Wow’s body in one of those old abandoned houses on the West Side with a nail gun? I do love how this movie establishes the major dramatic tension between Lil Bow Wow and Gbenga Akinnagbe, and then resolves that tension IN THE TRAILER with a punch from Ice Cube. I mean, I know that cornball comedies (even URBAN cornball comedies) have happy endings, but jeez. I’m also glad to see that we don’t have to see the movie to be inspired by Lil Bow Wow’s last minute change-of-heart from crass materialism to helping his community. We get that right now! We don’t even have to wait on line at Fandango for them to add extra screenings! In fact, the only mystery that still remains about this movie is what role, exactly, will Bill Bellamy play? We know that he is the hot girl’s boyfriend, but I bet there’s something more going on there. WELL, THEY DON’T WANT TO SPOIL EVERYTHING.

And we end with a Hurley joke.