Who Wants All This The Marriage Ref?

The New York Times is reporting that NBC has picked up The Marriage Ref for a second season. A completely average miss, NBC. The network has ordered three more episodes this season (haha, easy does it NBC!) and 10 episodes next season. That is not that many episodes, I guess, but it is also WAY TOO MANY EPISODES. Of course, we only bring this upon ourselves. Well, not us exactly, but someone brings this upon ourselves. NBC is a multi-billion dollar corporation after all, that makes programming decisions based on complicated financial algorithms and Jay Leno’s mood. We have to assume that someone is watching The Marriage Ref and inexplicably wants to keep doing that. Who wants all this The Marriage Ref?

“This show reminds me of the painful dissolution of my third marriage. Now THAT was hilarious.”

“My cats and I love it.”

“My husband puts it on, and I am not allowed to change the channel. But even if I could, I wouldn’t! Just in case he changed his mind about letting me!”

“I like The Marriage Ref because it feels like it was created and written by someone my age!”

“I watch the Marriage Ref because I’m an asshole.”