Teen Korner: This Week On A Very Special Episode Of Chace Crawford’s Twelve Trailer


Listen up, dudes who recognize that there is no single definition of masculinity but rather an infinite variation based on each man’s personal definition of what it means to him, and young women who would rather put pictures up of iconic heroes than teen idols in their locker, today I want to rap at you about the dangers of drug use. Whopper Jr! By now you have probably noticed that all of your peers are doing drugs, and you’re probably pretty scared and confused. Well, you should be! Doing drugs in high school is the number one cause of permanent homelessness.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, and I know that you won’t, because you are your own person, and you don’t let anyone tell you what to do. You make up your own mind! GIRL POWER! But if you don’t want to listen to me, maybe you will listen to the story of a little someone I like to call Chace Crawford, in the trailer for his new movie, Twelve? I thought so.

Da most bomb illness part of it is that the movie is directed by Joel Schumacher. He is one of the best filmers there is, and kids love him. But as you can see, you should not do drugs? Because if you do, then you will fall down on a pile of stuffed animals and the next thing you know, you’re 50 Cent’s girlfriend. I think? But you also shouldn’t NOT do drugs, because if you don’t do drugs then you will become a drug dealer. And you will spend so much time walking through the park or standing up on a roof looking out at something, who knows what, and then you’ll never finish your college application personal essay and you’ll die stupid and unshaven. Careful! XBOX!