Nicolas Cage Is The New Terrence Howard

As we all know, Terrence Howard is a lunatic. Sure, he has good reminders (GREAT reminders), but those are overshadowed by his complaints that women are unclean, and cetra. But over the weekend, Nicolas Cage did an interview at Wondercon (whatever THAT is) about acting and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Via io9.), and it turns out that he is also a lunatic. And since no one knows where Terrence Howard is anymore, Nicolas Cage is the new Terrence Howard. If you can tear your eyes away from whatever is going on with Nicolas Cage’s head in that picture, listen to this mad man:

At today’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice press conference, someone asked Cage how he chooses whether to go way over the top (like in Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call, New Orleans) or hold back (like in Adaptation.) And he responded:

Thank you for noticing, because first of all, it’s difficult to talk about the work, right? Because when you talk about the work, it’s kind of stupid because the work speaks for itself. I don’t want to name it, because when you name it, if you name it then it loses its mystery. If I tell you exactly what I was thinking, or what I was up to – and I have been guilty of that – then you lose your secret connection with the work of art. And I digress, but I went on Dick Cavett many years ago and met Miles Davis. And I was talking about things like art synthesis and Picasso and you can do with acting what he did, or with music, and Miles came out and he got it, you know, he was looking at me, he gave me this, like – he nodded and he winked at me. Miles Davis, you know. And we were sharing the trumpet. And ever since then, because he accepted whatever my philosophy was, I believe that I wanted to approach acting as jazz. And so he became like a surrealist father of sorts, along with Walt Disney. And I thought, “Okay. Well, this time, I’m going to just let anything come out, whatever it may be. Like Bad Lieutenant, you know. But sometimes, it’s really thought out and constructed and carefully thought out, like Adaptation. So I always like to mix it up.

Acting is jazz! Sometimes he acts in one movie, but other times he acts in another movie! But to talk about it would ruin the magic of both movies! Miles Davis, you know. I believe the subtext here is, “Thank you for noticing, because first of all, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Oh, hold on, it gets more bonkers:

Cage also talked about his crazy hair in Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and said that he comes from the “Lon Chaney, Sr. School Of Acting.” He added:

I want to transform myself every time i get. I’ll wear wigs. I’ll wear nose pieces. I’ll wear green contact lenses in my eyes. I’ll do whatever I need to do to create a character. That’s what it’s about. That’s the fun of it, you know. So I wanted Balthazar to have a look, like – well, Jerry [Bruckheimer] says like an ancient rock star, you know. He has that kind of cool style that harkens back to the 500s or the 600s, which is where he came from, and Merlin was his teacher. He goes through different ages, and he really starts to look like an ancient magician. When we meet him in New York City. You know, I’m always changing the [hair] color, and right now I’m doing a movie called Drive Angry and I’m trying to tap into my Celtic roots, so I dyed it blond.

Nicolas Cage will do whatever it takes to create a character. HE WILL EVEN WEAR GREEN CONTACT LENSES IN HIS EYES. Very method. Very acting. Right now he is doing a movie called Drive Angry and he is trying to tap into his yikes roots.

And he explained Jerry Bruckheimer’s formula for successful movies:

One time years ago [Jerry Bruckheimer] was talking to me about algebra, about algebraic equations. And how he’s always looking for the X factor or the Y factor in the formula. And I think one of the reasons why he has this genius ability to make these movies so successful is that he looks for actors who provide alternative ways of delivering dialogue, alternative contributions that give that X factor or that Y factor, he puts it in a formula that appeals to a lot of people all over the world, and that’s fun, you know.

Uh, what? Jerry Bruckheimer is good at algebra, and the reason people like his movies is because of math? I’m not an idiot, I understand what this anecdote is supposed to convey about Jerry Bruckheimer’s ability to tap into audience’s pleasure centers. But Nicolas Cage is an idiot, and I don’t think he understands what this anecdote is supposed to convey at all. I think he really thinks that Jerry Bruckheimer is a math wiz.

2+2 = movies!

But this part is probably my favorite:

Cage also said that he came up with the original idea for the movie: “When I came with this idea, I was on Next. I was talking to Tom Garner, who was also the producer. I said, ‘I want to play a magician. You know, I want to play like a sorcerer.’ And he came back and said, ‘I got it. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.'”

NICOLAS CAGE CAME UP WITH THE ORIGINAL IDEA FOR THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE?! Goooood coming up with stuff! First of all, no. No he didn’t. Second of all, Nicolas Cage still has some work to do before he truly takes over Terrence Howard’s Crazy Throne up in Bananas Castle, but you have to admit that he is WELL ON HIS WAY. Third of all, what I wouldn’t give to be the guy that Nicolas Cage comes up to on a movie set and says “I want to play a magician. You know, I want to play like a sorcerer.” I would trade in my Zune AND my Tamagotchi. You could have my Animaniacs slammer! (Thanks for the tip, Mike.)