The Nostalgic “1985” Opening Credits From Last Night’s Fringe

Man, this remains so true:

I don’t know what it is! The show is so stupid and so ridiculous! And yet there I am, week after week! I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU OR AT THE VERY LEAST REMOVE YOU FROM MY DVR QUEUE. Don’t get me wrong, I love the multi-verse as much as the next guy who loves the multi-verse a surprising amount considering we are talking about a semi-obscure branch of string theory. But how come the multi-verse in Fringe is almost solely based around differences in telephone technology and/or coloring? Season 1: “In our universe, this telephone is black, but in the alternate universe, the telephone is red.” Season 2: “In our universe in 1985 we have normal phones but in the alternate universe in 1985 they have mobile phones.” What? Perfect. Anyway, last night’s episode (which I have admittedly not finished watching, I guess because it turns out I prefer to SAVOR this show?) was mostly a flashback to when Walter first traveled to the “other universe” (because, as we have learned from Lost, there are only two) to kidnap Bizarro Peter after Classic Peter died from “a disease.” Ugh.

But, I will give Fringe one point for their nostalgic throwback “1985” opening credits:

Haha. In Vitro Fertilization! Virtual Reality! Impossible is/was nothing. The final points tally, please:

Fringe: 1
Fringe: -1,000,000

“It’s complicated.” –Fringe’s Facebook Page.