That’s Your Weatherman: Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell appeared on the British equivalent of the Today show this morning to deliver the weather in a classic (?) April Fools Prank:

Sure. I just have one question: HOW IS THIS AN APRIL FOOL’S PRANK? “I can’t believe they actually got Steve Carrell as our permanent weather man. He is going to take a little practice, but I am really going to enjoy getting daily reports from this former American actor on the weather in continental Europe,” said NO ONE. Ugh, this day. What a dumb day. It’s bad enough that this is a day where grown adults feel compelled to play pranks on other grown adults, but no one even seems to know what a prank even is anymore? I never thought I’d say this, but I long for St. Patrick’s Day. At least that is a holiday that MAKES SENSE. (Via ONTD.)