Jay Leno Continues To Need To Shut Up

In a piece of video that is going around, Joy Behar captured an intimate moment with Jay Leno backstage after appearing on his show, where she finally broke her legendary silence and asked Jay to weigh in on what happened with this winter’s Late Night Wars. Oh good. Yes. Joy Behar just happened to have a camera crew backstage, and Jay happened to be there, and the time just seemed so right. He didn’t WANT to get into it, he was wearing his Cool Down Denim, but Joy asked the questions and it would have been rude not to answer. Besides, if there is one thing that America has not had the opportunity to hear yet, it is Jay Leno’s insanely self-serving and delusional side of the story. Ugh. Jay Leno, as always, needs to shut up. From the NYDN:

“Conan got screwed and I got screwed,” Leno told HLN and “View” host Joy Behar after her appearance on his show. “This is TV. The reason [this] business pays a lot of money is, when you get screwed you have something left over.”

“I don’t quite get why I get beat up over it,” Leno told Behar. “I know people don’t really understand sort of how this business works. It’s all numbers. You know, the affiliates wanted us back, so we came back.”

Woof. It’s bad enough that this is still even a thing, and that Jay Leno can’t be a grown up and just keep his mouth shut, but that he has to be so condescending about it? JAY LENO, IT’S 2010, WE KNOW HOW THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY WORKS. AND ALSO THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, AT THE VERY LEAST IT IS MORE COMPLICATED THAN A SIMPLE ISSUE OF SUCCESS VS. NON-SUCCESS. Jerk. Maybe Jay Leno should stop trying to explain how showbiz works and start looking up what the word “screwed” means. And shame on Joy Behar, and shame on Oprah, and shame on everyone who keeps pretending like Jay Leno is some kind of battered victim in this who just needs an opportunity for America to see what a wonderful, charming, INNOCENT man he is. Get real, Joy Behar. He is a greedy, vindictive, denim-clad ego nightmare. Great, now I’m all riled up again. LENOOOOOOOOO!

You can watch the video here. Jay Leno can shut up here.