These Are Your Tampons: Sarah Connor Limited Edition Tampons

Your tampons hold the key to humanity’s future. Your tampons have nightmares about nuclear Apocalypse. Your tampons live off the grid. Your tampons are expert marksmen. Your tampons recorded a series of audio messages for you explaining your lineage to be given to you when you were of age. Your tampons have been in and out of mental institutions because no one will believe your tampons when they explain that they gave birth to the son of a resistance soldier from the future defending mankind from an impending robot uprising. Your tampons love tank tops. Your tampons attempted to murder Miles Dyson, the computer researcher from Cyberdyne Systems who would eventually design the revolutionary microprocessor that would eventually become SkyNet. Your tampons died of acute myeloid leukaemia in 1997. Your tampons are a legend among the resistance. Your tampons give John Connor the strength he needs in the darkest of hours to fight the robots. Your tampons are heavy flow. Your tampons are amazing. (Click photo to enlarge. Photo via FAILblog.)

UPDATE: TheDailyWhat informs us that this is Photoshopped. FILE UNDER: Still Amazing!