Gossip Girl S03E16: Open Thread

The celebration of Passover, a holiday featured in previous episodes of Gossip Girl, centers around the Jewish people’s retelling of the story of their emancipation from Egyptian slavery under the Pharaohs. One of the central themes of the holiday is a reflection on the gratitude and responsibility that one owes to one’s ancestors, through whose suffering and perseverance we are all where we are today. It is like Amistad said: I am standing on the shoulders of my ancestors, riiiiiiight? Now, aside from the communal Seder dinner, the ways in which people choose to honor the struggles and choices of those who came before them in order to grant them the life they now lead are varied and deeply personal, but I will tell you one thing that our forebears were NOT running on blistered feet through the scorched desert with bits of dried manna in the corners of their mouth in order to ensure for their descendents: to watch fucking Gossip Girl. My point is, I missed last night’s episode, out of respect.

I’m sure it was great though! (I am not sure it was great.) I know that I’m one of only 14 people who still watch this show, and two of those 14 are Jessica Szohr’s grandparents. But for those of us who are still wandering through the proverbial wasteland of Gossip Girl praying to a God who has definitely foresaken us, this is a place to discuss what happened! Did Jenny get hit by a bus? Did Rufus get hit by a bus? Did Jack get hit by a bus? Did Lily get hit by a bus? Did Eric get hit by a bus? Did Serena get hit by a bus? Did Vanya get hit by a bus? I have so many questions! (Image via NYMag.)