Posted By Popular Demand: Kids Perform A School Play Of Scarface (Sort Of) The Darndest Things

Let’s get one thing clear: this video is King Fake of Fake Mountain. It is Mayor McFakes of Fakeopolis. It is Captain Fake Sully of the S.S. Oh Man So Fake. But based on the number of people who have sent this in to [email protected] (including one publicist who is helping an unnamed client [UNNAMED CLIENT!] to make this go “viral” just in case you continued to hold onto any semblance of a hope that this was not Dr. Fake of Saint Fakey’s General Fakespital), this is what the people want. And so this is what the people get. It is school children being cruelly manipulated as part of a faceless corporation’s attempt to trigger associations of aesthetic appeal and self-aware charm not usually associated with corporations performing a fudged version of Scarface in a “school play.”

I wonder what this is selling? A Rushmore videogame for the X-BOX? A 1999 page-a-day calendar? ZAP! Cocaine flavored popcorn? Tiny baby zoot suits? Only time will tell. I just hope that everyone is happy. Nobody puts monsters in the corner, or whatever. (Thanks for the tip, Marianne, Tom, Jared, Eric, Willy, and Rosa.)