This One Is For Kevin Smith

After the jump, I have posted a video made by Southwest Airlines in 1986. It’s called “The Just Plane Fun Shuffle,” and it’s terrible. For one thing, it is over nine minutes long. Ugh. The only reason Southwest Airlines put it on-line is in an attempt to capture some of that “viral videos heat.” NOTE TO GIANT CORPORATIONS: if you are going to make hackneyed attempts to appeal to “the kids,” at least do your research. “Viral videos” should be 2-5 minutes long AT MOST. Nine minutes. Ridiculous. And Southwest Airlines has had 24 years to EDIT THIS DOWN. Second of all, when I buy a plane ticket, I buy it based on cost and convenience, not who has the best vintage ironic parody of a thing that was stupid to begin with. No, this whole thing is a FAIL (the CEO of Southwest Airlines can have his great-grandchild SEXT him the definition). But I am posting it here, because I like to imagine Kevin Smith seeing this video and just getting so mad. In his jorts.

Choke on it, Kevin Smith!

The funny thing is that this is still funnier, more relevant, and better executed than Kevin Smith’s movies. (Thanks for the tip, D’Anne.)