Microwave Cooking For One

Ding ding ding ding! It has been a long and intense race, but we finally have a winner for Most Depressing Thing! It is a cookbook called Microwave Cooking for One. Here is author Marie T. Smith demonstrating the recipe for “breakfast” (for one):

Yum. Hey, does anyone know the number for an ambulance? Anyway, the website is certainly worth ADDING TO YOUR BOOKMARKS, but if you’re too busy crying to go there, check out these fun testimonials:

The wonderful and beautiful book arrived this week and I am thrilled! There are many more recipes then I expected. I am very excited since my husband often works late and I end up with sandwiches rather then making myself something to eat.—Barbara Andersen, New York

I received your cookbook in the mail yesterday afternoon and have already read the whole book. I’m very pleased with my purchase and know I’ll use it everyday the rest of my life. I’m so glad I found your website. Thank you again..—Sara Oviatt, Idaho

It is a very good cookbook and I have yet to find a recipe that didn’t turn out as it was supposed to.—Norm Peterson, Arizona

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I’m an 81-year old and a 24/7 caretaker for my wife who has AD. I will certainly use the book to the best of my ability.—Darold L. Schorlig, California

I received your cookbook, and I have tried some recipes from it. They were great. My hubby keeps looking in the cookbook, and asks “when will you cook this recipe?”—Lori Hamby, Florida

My microwave was a gift for my 30th birthday, which makes it an oldie, but a goodie. The conversion chart is especially helpful. I use my microwave on a daily basis, but I know with your cookbook it will become even more valuable.—Marcia Scurfield, Kansas

Sounds great! Hey guys, nevermind about the ambulance. LOL, I am actually dead! When people find my body, there will be no note. Just a copy of this next to the bed:

Don’t worry, I am in a better place now. I have to be. There is nothing but better places compared to this place. R.I.P. Gabe! (Thanks for the tip, Clown Coffee.)