These Are Your Grandpa’s Wireless Electronic Pill Bottle Caps

“I used to think that taking your pills was for stupid losers and old corpses. And the only thing worse than taking your pills was REMEMBERING to take your pills. Remembering is for dorks and ghosts! But then I found out about GlowCaps. GlowCaps are one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, probably. They are a wireless reminder system that involves colored lights and ringtones and automated phone calls and monthly “progress reports,” all to remind grandpa when it is time to take his medicine. AWESOME! I used to worry about getting older because I figured when you got older you suffered the dual indignities of a failing body and a society that rejected you as being an out-of-touch, smelly, useless shell of a human being. But now that I know when I get older I can get a set of GlowCaps of my own? I am like THUMBS UP, and BODACIOUS! I can’t wait to be so fucking old!”

That is what my great-great grandchild said to me as he handed me my new set of GlowCaps. Wait till you guys see these awesome things! So neat!

I wonder what noise the GlowCaps make when it is time to remember to kill yourself? I bet it sounds something like this. (Thanks for the tip, Aaron.)