First They Came For Ginger Kid

Oh boy. He’s back. And he is not happy. Based on this latest video, CopperCab is throwing down the gauntlet with South Park. He used to like the show, but then they made fun of him personally, and that was the last straw. Suddenly, their long history of constantly mocking Jews and homosexuals and Scientologists and Michael Jackson took a dangerous turn. One step too far, South Park! Says Ginger Kid! IS NO ONE SAFE FROM HAVING THEIR INSANE VLOGS TURNED INTO SOUTH PARK JOKES? He says that he is not happy about this (right) and that he is going to do something about it (what?). South Park should definitely hire an extra body guard. I don’t think he has to be that tough. A 4-foot-tall bodyguard could probably do the trick.

You know, I am on Team CopperCab every time right up until he says something to the effect of “I feel comfortable speaking for black people” and then I am like “SORRY BRO, GOTTA RUN, I CAN’T AFFORD ANOTHER RUN-IN WITH THE RACE POLICE!”