“Empire State Of Mind” Via YouTube Closed Captions

A 15-minute vodka advertisement documentary about Jay-Z, following him around as he prepared for his September 11th benefit show at Madison Square Garden, was put on-line today called NY-Z. It’s pretty good. At the very least, it’s nice to look at, and you can barely even tell that it was paid for entirely by Absolut vodka, except for this really weird part at about the two-minute mark when a dude from Absolut vodka is interviewed, and you’re like, uh, and he’s like, “We think that the two best things in the world are our vodka, and Jay-Z.” Sure, Absolut vodka. Whatever. There’s also a weird part with John Mayer where he talks about Twitter and curiosity and that guy should really only open his mouth if guitar sounds are going to come out.

But perhaps the best part of the documentary is that it is on YouTube, and as such, it is available for YouTube’s beta-testing closed captioning service. I think we can all agree that “Empire State of Mind” was one of the jams of the year, but that it would almost certainly be better with the YouTube CC lyrics (see gallery).

Full documentary after the jump.

So Clinton.