Joe Biden Is The Permanent Headliner At The Gaffe Factory!

Man, Joe Biden, ladies and germs! On the one hand, he seems like your superfun booze-soaked uncle who always lightens the mood at family gatherings, and still thinks it’s funny to steal your nose long after you’ve graduated from college. On the other hand, how did your superfun booze-soaked uncle get to be Vice President of the United States?! Anyway, today Barack Obama signed his historic health care reform legislation into law. But before he did that, he was introduced by Joe Biden, who was overheard on his microphone saying “this is a big fucking deal.” Hahah. Yes! On the one hand, TRUE! It is a big fucking deal. On the other hand, it is also 2010! If we can’t have a second season of Joe Millionaire because America’s young women are too smart to get hoodwinked a second time, then why are famous, heavily-mediatized politicians still falling for the old “hot mic” gag? It’s as if everyone in Washington is Leslie Neilsen in The Naked Gun, and they all have to take a leak right after their keynote address to the city. Guys! Stop peeing! Everyone can hear you!

Yoikes! Anyway, Biden bein’ Biden after the jump:

Classic. Ol’ Runny Mouth, they call him. Maybe he just said it to cheer Barack Obama up, because maybe Barack Obama wasn’t sure if this was a big fuckin’ deal or not. “Let’s turn that frown upside down.” That is Joe Biden’s motto. “With swearing!” Now the barbecue is ruined. (Via everyone.)