The Reset Button

Oh phew, I almost forgot we had this thing. You guys, I still don’t quite know what happened this weekend–I need a weekend just to recover from my weekend LOL!–and obviously we do not want to nor do we have the have time to turn this website into a navel-gazing examination of what a website even IS, there are more important things to discuss (what a liar she is, right?!). But let’s just take one final moment to remember why we are all here, and then let’s move forward. There are many different reasons to enjoy Videogum (probably?), but none of those reasons is giving each other a hard time. There is a whole world out there to be given a hard time! That is what she said! So relax, you guys. Regroup. Dust yourselves off. And if that doesn’t work, watch this baby lamb jumping through a house. Look at him go! OK, you’re OK. You’re OK. You’re doing great!