Millionaire After Dentist

The viral video sensation David After Dentist recently passed its one year anniversary. Everything ages, and everything dies, you guys. Hakuna matata. But also, check out this follow-up from CNN:

It’s also been an unexpected bonanza for the boy’s Orlando, Florida-area family, who, despite some criticism that they exploited their child by posting his image online, has turned the one-minute, 59-second [ed. note: journalism!] home video into a lucrative sideline.

“We embraced it,” said the boy’s father, David DeVore, who shot the famous clip on a Flip camera from the car’s front seat. “We said we will make a family adventure out of this and see what happens. Nothing has happened that we felt uncomfortable doing.”

He would not say exactly how much the family has earned from the video but said it’s in the “low six figures.”

AY-AY-AY! LOW SIX FIGURES?! The American Dream, I suppose. Pulling yourself up by your child’s drugstraps. I don’t have any problem with this video, or think that it says anything about his parenting, or whatever, but I do love that he will share his child’s drug-fueled daymare with the entire world, no big deal, but when it comes to how much money he has made off said drug-fueled daymare, well, IS THERE NO PRIVACY OR DISCRETION IN THIS LIFE? Sure. Sure, dad.

The article does include an explanation of how, exactly, one is able to earn low six-figures off of a child tripping balllllz:

The video’s popularity may also help pay for David’s college tuition. The family earns money from licensing use of the video and gets a cut of revenue from the ads placed around the clip on YouTube. They’ve also started a Web site where they sell T-shirts and other “David After Dentist” merchandise.

“We have made a significant amount of money,” DeVore said at South by Southwest. “At first our goal was, ‘Maybe we can pay for a few video games or bikes,’ but as it grew, we thought, ‘Maybe we could pay for college.’ I think that’s attainable.”

What, no licensing deal with CafePress? You’re losing valuable mousepad income, sir! (Also, “at South by Southwest” = haha.) Admittedly, I am a little confused why David’s college tuition remains such a far off dream. Didn’t he just say that the video had earned a significant amount of money in the low six figures? Where does David want to go go school? In Scrooge McDuck’s vault? Then again, I’m not a father, so I probably just don’t even know what it’s like to have a dream for your child (that dream being to have your child home-colleged by Stephen Hawking aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo, apparently.)