Save The Date: Videogum Is Turning Two Years Young!

I am happy to inform you that in just a few short weeks, Videogum will be celebrating its two-year anniversary. Awww. We did it? As a 48-year-old man, I don’t get excited about birthdays anymore, as they just seem to be garish markers on the road to death’s door, and is it just me, or are those markers getting CLOSER TOGETHER?! But we still wanted to do something, you know, 4 tha kidz. So, the evening of April 8th, three weeks from tonight, which will be two years to the day of when the site launched, we will be having a “birthday party”! Hey, you should come!

As you may already know, December’s Videogum Pizza Party was a huge success, and this is going to be even better. I hope. It’s going to be at Brooklyn Bowl, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are going to be drink specials, and hopefully some snacks (snacks are TBD), and lots of people standing around awkwardly, not quite sure how to talk to each other in real life. NEAT! The very best and most exciting part is that later in the evening, there will be a DJ, and that DJ’s name is ?uestlove from the Roots. Yes! What was that noise? Oh, just the sound of your mind shattering?! In addition to drinks and snacks (TBD) and awesome DJ’ing, Brooklyn Bowl is a functional bowling alley, so there will be bowling for people who suffer from acute social anxiety and need something (anything) to do with their hands.

And although this party is being billed as Videogum’s 2 Year Anniversary Celebration, it’s really OUR 2 Year Anniversary Celebration, right you guys? So please show up. Don’t embarrass me.

Details after the jump:

When: April 8th, 2010
Where: Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11211
Time: 7PM until Question Mark (see below)
Snacks: Snacks are TBD, jeez!

Click the image for the full flyer!

The main thing to keep in mind is that the party is FREE as long as you get there between 7-9:30PM. After 9:30PM, there will be a $7 charge at the door (for civilians), because when ?uestlove is your DJ, that is the way things work. If you think about it, it is pretty fair. So please just show up earlier. Easy enough. No big deal! Besides, that means more time for you and all your fellow monsters to nervously pretend to SEXT your friends about what a “great time” you are having so that you seem busy and no one tries to talk to you. JUST KIDDING. More time to paint, exercise, and party! Yay! Party! Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t wait! RSVP here.