Joe Biden: Father, Husband, Vice President, Stand Up Comedian.

Joe Biden appeared at last night’s Annual Radio and Television Correspondent’s Dinner to perform what people in the comedy industry call “a tight 13.”

Give it up for Joe Biden, everybody. He may be Vice President of the United States, but he’s President President of LAUGHSSACUSHETTS. Just kidding, this was terrible. I’ve never really understood why they have these miserable open mic dinners. The argument is that it is a chance for everyone in Washington to relax and take a break from the high-stress sniping that politicians and the media engage in on a daily basis. But isn’t that what all of their expensive luxury vacations are for? I hope everyone has to take vacation days in order to go these dinners. Also, Joe Biden doesn’t have to be funny, because that’s not his job, but he should also probably be a little better at his job. I’m the Vice Zingadent! (Video via Mediaite, to whom I apologize for ripping and re-uploading your video, but also, no offense, but can you please work on getting a better video player? That is the worst video player I have ever seen! End shoptalk.)